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London to Angola Deals


The West African Country which has huge natural, oil and other reserves has only gained its independence to see the impact of the Civil War which ended only in the 2002 peace agreement. The country has seen its tourist number being grown to over 300% after the development in tourism area with clear improvements with reform lead activities of government.

Luanda being the capital city saw rapid development with greater emphasis from leading European and African Travel companies offering cheap tickets to Luanda. The country has one of the longest coastlines where surfers enjoy replacing beach life, as it also have some of the largest wildlife parks and facilities for natural activities. There are increased numbers of connection being available with low cost tourist activities that are able to use cheap tickets to Angola during most time of year.  Former Portuguese Colony still makes the Southern European Language as its official one with greater efforts being seen by government to develop infrastructure and increase standards of locals using Pro Poor Tourism motivation approach. Efforts to revamp economic activities with greater influence of serving and export based activities in products like petroleum, and other resources help the country to offer sustainable development and rapid growth of the tourist industry in particular.  The political stability and increasing scope of peace among rival forums had given increased growth rate to economy which looks to be among the best within the Africa.

The country is blessed with tropical rain forest, natural sandy beaches, vast rivers, desserts and other natural attraction for visitors. The country continues to carry out a more effective infrastructure development and improving tourist activities such as road networks, hotel accommodation, and transport links are being developed to increase impact on the life of people.


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