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We have started Cheap Global Flights with the simple objectives, by delivering low cost customer travel solution. We have been selling discounted travel deals for last eight years, from our East London customer Center. It gives us greater opportunity to offer value to customers using a wider network of the Airline. When we started the ticket sales the travel marketing was growing a faster rate. We were in a position of offering greater value to customer needs with the trust of our investors. In the beginning, we have worked on European Destinations, and didn't work on growing global opportunities. We operated special discounts on flights to Lisbon from London while also increasing list of destinations.

We didn't just improve our services, but also maintained a low cost strategy to increase customer portfolio. It looked as if the competition can be blamed to drive out many small companies out of the travel market. We didn't just imply better relationship with customer, but stressed on strategic long term for greater brand value. Today we are enjoying one of the top rated customer reviews.

In recent times we didn't only maintain consumer loyalty, but also started destinations beyond Europe. We have been developing the travel market in Africa, where we have provided new deals on cheap flights to Harare from London. We worked out a strategy of regular product development process, while accessing new markets of the Middle East, America, Far East and Australia. Our customer speaks about the speedy process and hassle free experience, while booking their flights. The website works as their main hub, which has the best inventory of airlines to nearly every global flight UK. When we started touring Packages we were the best in the market with a wide ranging product choice for customers. The Research Division has been planning to penetrate in Hotel and Cruise market to increase the customer choice.

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Our dedicated team of professional travel expert gives their knowledge and experience to deliver customer value. They carry the extensive knowledge of direct and indirect connections to global destinations, using the integrated inventory management systems of leading airlines. The company was able to arrange regular training and development opportunities from the start of their career. The staff regularly undergoes a systematic evaluation process which targets their customer services and product knowledge which ensures they remain updated and competitive. The customers are also offered to take part in review program which ensures the transparency of the firm. We welcome your input and publish them to reflect your satisfaction, may it be positive or a negative experience for a particular event. It also helps us to manage the complaints and issues faced by the customer on priority basis.

The web portal gives a dedicated blog section to customers where they can access travel industry information. It is providing useful resources to the customer for making their holidays more cost effective and pleasant. It doesn't only give update fare based on multiple search criteria, but also features dedicated customer service section to report issues. We hadn't only planned to update and enhance its features, but are also looking to create new Web applications. It will be expected to increase the booking convenience to customers on the move.